Exness Trader App

You don’t have time to sit in front of your computer, or you don’t have such a possibility, but you want to manage all your trading accounts quickly and easily, and most importantly, conveniently?

Use the app for trading in financial markets from Exness Global Limited. Manage all your accounts and make transactions simply and quickly by selecting all the assets you want.

What is Exness Trader

The App from Exness brand is the fastest way to gain control over your trading accounts.

You will be able to make trades using your smartphone at your fingertips and doing just a few steps. You’ll see that trading in financial markets has never been more convenient. Exness Trader App users can attest to this.

Exness Trader download is elementary. Right now, App for iOS, Exness mobile app for Android are available to you. Download this app for any device. There are no restrictions on trading. 

You make the same trades as you do at home on your computer. Read the review, and you will understand why no client of ours can do without it.

Platform Exness Trader Details

Once you have downloaded this application to your smartphone, you will understand all the benefits of the Exness mobile app. But first of all, you need to know some of its features.

Exness Trader App Features:

  • The super simple registration process takes less than a minute.
  • 1 real and 1 demo account will be opened automatically for you (plus, you are free to open more accounts whenever you want to).
  • Easy navigation makes the platform a pleasure to trade on.
  • Trade more than 130+ popular tradable assets.
  • Market Watch.
  • Economic Calendar showing financial events enables economic forecasting.
  • Access real-time rates.
  • Notifications on trading signals and price moves.
  • Benefit from low transaction costs that start from 0.1 pips.
  • Automated Stop Loss and Take Profit functions.

Advantage 1: Ideal for beginners and professionals alike

Beginner traders love this Exness application for its simplicity and versatility. They can confidently make trading decisions no matter where they are. Professional investors use over 200 instruments to diversify their portfolios, making quick deposits and withdrawals.

Advantage 2: With the Exness Trader App, it does not take long to withdraw money and deposit funds

With Exness Trader App, you do not need access to your computer to deposit or withdraw your money quickly. This operation is carried out instantly, and each client is offered a number of different ways, and everyone can choose the most convenient one for them. Manage your account in a few simple steps.

Advantage 3: Necessary tools in one application

Immediately after downloading the trading app, you will realize that you have got your hands on the perfect tool for trading.

It has all the necessary indicators, candlesticks, and other essential tools for trading. You get it all in no time at all,  App is simple and easy to use.

Advantage 4: Availability of all assets

Regardless of the markets you prefer to trade, you’ll find them all in this app – from indices and gold to oil and cfd on forex. You won’t need to install any additional software or contact any other companies. Switching between charts is very easy with a couple of clicks.

Advantage 5: All necessary analytical tools are free of charge

Every app user can get access to news, signals, candlesticks analysis, basic structure, economic calendar, and other sophisticated tools to improve their chances of making the right decisions. Get the best trading opportunities now.

Advantage 6: Get support 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Day or night, Exness support is always available via Live Chat. You can find the answers to the most common questions in the Help Center. Got a question? Try our live chat on the App, and one of our trained professionals will answer it within seconds.

App Features


For the Android and iOS users Exness Trader app provides access to advanced market analysis tools. 

Just, quickly and absolutely free to learn important news of financial markets and the publication of important reports, which can affect the value of instruments.

You’ll never miss an early rally or crash again!

You can follow the price movements of the major currency and cryptocurrency pairs in real-time, as well as the price movements of other assets. You will find convenient charts and accurate trading signals. You can also subscribe to receive alerts when the price reaches a certain level.

Chart Types

This application, which is rapidly gaining popularity among traders, has all the Chart Types you need. 

Whether you use candlesticks, bars, or line charts, you’ll find them here and make use of them conveniently. 

It’s easy to get access to them.

Traders Calculator

In the Tools section, there is a tool called Traders Calculator. 

It allows all traders to save a lot of time and effort. Instead of doing all the calculations themselves, traders can just paste all the essential values into the calculator and get the result. Specify the volume, pip value, swap, spread, and other parameters, and the calculator will make all the necessary calculations in just one second. If you plan to use leverage, specify the amount as well.

Portfolio – Open, Pending, and Closed Positions

Once you have downloaded the Exness app for Android users and completed the registration, you will be able to open positions, close them, and set all the necessary orders. Exness app makes accessing trading easier.

It is effortless to do, go to the Markets section and choose the asset you want to buy or sell. Just click on it, and you will see recommendations from Exness experts. You will also see a chart of the chosen instrument and will be able to follow its dynamics. At the bottom of the screen, you will find two buttons: buy and sell. Make sure you have enough money in your account for the purchase.

Support and Chats

Contacting the support team is very easy for iOs and Android devices, just choose LiveChat from your profile. There are several popular topics to choose from, and if your question is not related to any of the topics, you can ask it an operator and get a quick and complete answer. Support is available 24 hours a day, without breaks and weekends.

Download Exness Trader App

You don’t need much time and effort to download the App. The application is available for both Android and iOS platforms. All the links and buttons to download the application are located on the broker’s official website, so you can install this mobile app in a couple of clicks, even easier than any other apps on the Play Market or AppStore. Another way to quickly install this app is to use a QR code.

How to Download Exness Trader App

In order to download App, you need:

  1. Go to Play Market or AppStore
  2. In search line, type “Exness Trader”
  3. Find the app from the creator of Exness Global Limited.
  4. Click on the Install button.
  5. When the application is downloaded, click on the Open button. After that, you will go through the simple registration process.

The same steps are needed to install the application on your iOS devices, you will only need to use the AppStore. 

And don’t forget the free tutorials from Exness.

What Can You Trade With App?

One of the advantages of the Exness app is that it covers every single trading feature and gives the traders access to a wide variety of assets. All this allows them to use several trading instruments at once and diversify their investment portfolio.

Forex Pairs

The Forex market has the highest liquidity and therefore attracts more and more traders every year. Thanks to the App, you will have access to trading the most popular currency pairs without any restrictions. The wide range of instruments will increase your trading opportunities and allow you to trade currency pairs both during the day and at night. But before you start trading, be sure to learn about the best Forex trading hours.


You’ve been thinking about starting to trade energy resources, such as oil, for a long time. You can make your task easier by learning all the nuances of trading this asset and downloading the App to your mobile device.

Thanks to this application, you will be able to trade even faster using the most popular trading strategies.


Everyone knows that trading cryptocurrencies can bring a good income. However, at the same time, this market is very volatile. If you open a trade in some cryptocurrency and then you do not have access to a computer, it can lead to big losses. In this case, traders are saved by Exness app, which will allow you to quickly and easily make deals on cryptocurrencies, having only a smartphone at hand and not being afraid that you will miss a vital market movement.


How to start trading indices? The secret of success is simple, first you need to open an account with a reliable Exness broker. The second step to successful index trading is to install App. You will be able to trade indices 24 hours a day, without any restrictions and in the best conditions. See how easy and comfortable it is with our app.


If you want to earn income not only from the difference between the cost of buying and selling assets, but also to receive dividends, then stocks are your tool. When you buy stocks of large companies, you can hold them for several years, betting on long-term investing and not worrying about the value of IBM, Microsoft, or other companies’ stocks going down drastically. With Exness app, trading stocks is even more convenient, easier and faster.


Is the Trader App free?

Yes! You can download the Exness Trader mobile app, sign up and use the app absolutely for free. It does not matter if you are a trader or if you are only thinking about it. Get the best trading opportunities now!

How to Use Exness Trading App?

In order to use the app, whether you choose the Exness iOS app or the Exness Android, you will first need to install it on your smartphone. It’s free, and it’s done through the Play Market or AppStore, depending on your device.

Once you download the app and enter it for the first time, you will need to register by entering your personal information and email address to which you will receive an email with an account activation link.

Immediately after your first login to the application you will be able to add funds to your deposit to start trading. You can use the application anytime you wish, 24 hours a day, as long as you have your smartphone handy.

How to Trade With Exness App?

Trading with the Exness mobile App is very easy. In the app, you will see several sections:

1. Home. The main page of the application is where all the charts of the available trading instruments are displayed. You can choose your favorite instruments or one of the categories, for example, metals or cryptocurrencies. In addition, you can see the balance of your account.

Just one click on the chart, and you will see trading recommendations for the instrument, as well as buy and sell buttons, through which you can make transactions.

2. Markets. In this section, you will see trade signals, the latest news of financial markets, and the main events which will occur in the near future.

3. Profile. This section contains important tools for the trader as well as all profile information which can be modified.

How to contact support in the app?

Communicating with support in the app is very easy via live chat. You can find it under Profile > Support > LiveChat. A service operator will contact you as soon as possible and solve any problem. Use Exness contact to get answers to your questions. All clients get on-demand support.