MetaTrader 4 – Why do I need MT4? 

Metatrader 4 is a software developed by MetaQuotes that can be used by both traders and investors to open, close, and manage market positions through the use of a financial mediator. MT4 can be used to perform advanced trading operations while also analyzing the financial markets.

Metatrader 4 web discloses ample scope to accomplish trading objectives from the initial to the high levels.

It helps gain profitable incomes from each deal completed through this valuable trading product. This MetaTrader 4 review will get you into the benefits of its functionality and usability. You will also find an answer to the question of how to use MetaTrader 4.

Why trade on MetaTrader 4 with Exness?

Exness is a very reliable trading platform that gives ease and flexibility in your trading. It is globally recognized and acceptable in many trading businesses over the world. This trading broker allows reputable companies and single entrepreneurs to find favorable conditions for fulfilling their commercial objectives. 

Exness MT4 platform provides a versatile system of data protection and meets strict requirements in following responsible trading. Therefore, MT4 trading with Exness gives total safety and efficiency in your web bargain.

Exness MetaTrader 4 is more than a trading assistant. It has a range of features you can benefit from. According to them, it has become so popular and widely used.

Flexibility in trading

Regardless of your expertise, the MT4 platform is an excellent choice for novice traders as well as for experienced ones. You can start building your own style of running a business on a bargain. If you have developed your own trading strategy, you can apply it easily concerning MT4. It carries out two types of order execution: marker and instant.


A trader can undertake a thorough performance due to the rich storage of technical analysis instruments at MT4 Exness. It enables one to be current with market changes and react immediately with the help of 23 analytical objects and 30 built-in technical indicators. In addition, financial news from the leading global providers and the Trading Center are available to Exness customers.


The automatization of commercial performance is one of the priorities Exness MT4 has. For example, built-in trading robots called Expert Advisors allow conducting financial and analytical operations automatically. Moreover, a trader can use MetaQuotes Languages 4 (MQL4) to develop their own trading robots and scripts.


Strong protection of clients’ credentials is another priority of MT4 Exness. Therefore, all interactions between the trading platform and the server are encrypted using 128-bit keys.

Minimum slot size

Despite the variety of trading accounts — Standards and Professionals —, the MT4 trading platform offers a shallow minimum slot, 0.01. It enables a trader to manage the risks in volumed tradings.

Minimum spread

Traders and investors can take advantage of a minimum spread offered at Exness MetaTrader 4. The platform allows performing CFD trading with the lowest indicator of spread, 0.3. This opportunity is excellent for traders who prefer a strategy of options trading, also known as an option spread. Using Professional accounts, traders will benefit from no spread equaled to 0.0 (Pro account provides 0.1).

How to Use MT4 account with Exness?

Since you decided to embark on trading with Exness, you can create your trading account and perform your commercial plans through MT4. If you already have an MT4 real account but are willing to use Exness broker, you definitely need to open an account on this platform. Let’s look over two options for how to use MetaTrader 4 account with Exness.

I Don’t Have MT4

To open MT4 real account, you should sign in to your Exness account. If you are not registered on this platform, you should pass through the sign-up process first. Then, you need to follow the next steps:

  • visit the Exness homepage and click “Sign In” on the right top corner of the window;
  • input your email and password and enter your Personal Area;
  • click “My accounts” on the left listed menu and choose “Open New Account”;
  • select a trading account type with the condition best suited to your trading needs;
  • click “Create an Account,” and it is added to your Personal Area.

Then, you should follow the next prompts on managing your trading account by opting for trading instruments, thinking of your trading strategy, etc.

I Already Have MT4

If you are willing to change a trading broker, Exness always welcomes new clients and is open to assist you in further trading with your previous account. For this, you need to open an Exness account by following the following steps:

  • go to the Exness website and click “New Account”;
  • fill out your personal information required and click “Continue”;
  • you are landed on the Exness terminal and choose “Personal Area” on the left tools panel;
  • go through verification of your Exness profile;
  • set up a new real account MT4.

However, you can simply enter pre-existing login MT4 information with Exness credentials and proceed in your trading. All data charts and analyses are preserved.

How to Exness MT4 WebTerminal?

According to the preferences of traders and investors, they can carry out their trading performance on both web and desktop terminals. A significant advantage of WebTerminal is its availability online with no installation. It supports basic trading features as on the desktop MT4 version. But there are some features unavailable when using WebTerminal. They are:

  • Signals;
  • Expert Advisors and scripts;
  • Trailing stop.

To manage your trading account via WebTerminal, you need to find it in the “Tool&Services” section of the broker’s website and log in. For this, you need to enter the following data:

  • trading account number (as Login);
  • trading password (as password);
  • choose the server your MT4 real account is registered.

Thus, you can follow your financial operations through analyzing market watch, the chart, and toolbox.

How to Open a Demo Account Exness MT4?

If you are the one among others who wants to try this deal on MetaTrader 4 demo version first, you are welcome to Exness. It allows new traders to use virtual money of $10,000 and get acquainted with the whole process. Once you create an Exness profile, you can start your trading on demo MT4. To open a demo account, you need to:

  • log in to your Personal Area on Exness;
  • choose “My accounts” and click “Open New Account”;
  • select an account type you want (Standard or any of Professionals) and click “Try Demo”;
  • opt for MT4 trading platform at account information, enter an account password and click “Create an Account”;
  • Congratulations! Your demo MT4 account is created.

Now, you can look over available market instruments, real-time prices, and other valuable information for trading by signing in MT4 Web or its desktop platform.

What Instruments Can I Trade on Exness MT4?

When the main procedures are completed based on registering on Exness and creating trading accounts (demo or real), it is time to know what trading instruments you can use in your commercial bargain.

Once you MetaTrader 4 login, the primary instruments are available and are the following:

  • cryptocurrencies;
  • Forex currency pairs;
  • precious metals;
  • indices;
  • energies (USOil and UKOil);
  • stocks.

In addition, you can set up particular timeframes (9) for each trade you make on MT4.

How to install MT4 Windows / MAC / iOS / Android

Exness has cared about offering a respective mobile app to install on any portable device as well as on a desktop computer supported with different operating systems.

MT4 for PC is downloadable for Windows and Mac from the official site of Exness. Also, the mobile MT4 app complies with Android and iOS. So, follow the instructions below according to the operating system of your gadget. 

 How to install MT4 Windows:

  • download the setup file for Windows available on the Exness website;
  • open a download folder on your PC;
  • launch MT4 Terminal by double-clicking the file;
  • enter your account MT4 login data.

How to install MT4 on Mac:

  • on the Exness homepage, download the setup file for iOS;
  • open the application folder on your Mac;
  • choose a broker “ExnessGlobal” and click “Enter”;
  • double-click on the MT4 icon and input account data.

How to access Exness Android MT4:

  • open Google Play on your smartphone;
  • search MetaTrader 4 on a search box;
  • download in on your device;
  • launch MT4 Android and log in to your account.

How to access Exness iOS MT4:

  • go to Apple Store on your iPhone;
  • type in “MT4” on a search box;
  • install it on your iPhone;
  • launch MT4 iOS and sign in for your trading account.

System Requirements MT4 Platform

Before getting into MT4 platform PC, one should know the main system requirements. So you will understand what technical features you should follow to undertake your trading successfully and hassle-free.

Operating system: at least Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and higher

Processor: Intel Celeron processor (1.7 GHz or higher)

RAM: 256 Mb or more

Storage: 50 Mb

How to Uninstall MT4

If you prefer to use MetaTrader 4 web more than its desktop versions, you can uninstall MT4 PC. In this case, you should follow the following steps.

Step 1: Click Start → All Programs → Exness MT4 → Uninstall.

Step 2: Stick to the instruction until the uninstall process finishes.

Step 3: Click My Computer → Click Drive C → find Program Files → select Folder Exness MT4 and delete it.

Step 4: Restart your Computer.

MT4 Features and Functions

MetaTrader 4 includes several services helpful in analyzing, selecting the best alternatives, and completing trading. That is possible to achieve thanks to the valuable features and functions MT4 has.

Features Functions
user-friendly and easy to navigate;
instant access to 18 free indicators;
numbers of orders and execution modes;
history database management;
interaction with Expert Advisors;
full data backup and security; 
flexible and convenient trading system;
strong analytics;
automated copy trading;
built-in transparent own market;
MQ4 supported trading environment;
constant availability through its mobile trading;
dashboard with the latest financial news

MT4 Feature 1 – Powerful MetaTrader 4 Trading System

The MT4 platform is equipped with all the traders can dream about how complex your trading strategy can be. It involves an entire system of instant 3 execution modes, 4 pending, and 2 market orders, trading from 2 stop orders, trailing stop, and a chart. It enables you to be flexible in your actions.

MT4 Feature 2 – Analytical Functions and Technical Analysis

Technical analysis helps traders and investors navigate the gap between intrinsic value and market price by leveraging certain techniques. MT4 has powerful trading tools to be up-to-date with market movements and react to them. These are 30 technical indicators and 23 analytical objects. You will always get posted about any changes on the market.

MT4 Feature 3 – Trading Signals and Copy Trading

MT4 allows you to retain full control of your money and monitor your funds in real-time on your PC or mobile device. You simply request approval, choose a suitable manager to copy, and make a deposit. It involves transparent performance, in-depth market analysis, and protection of funds. 

MT4 Feature 4 – Own App Market

With MT4, you can buy or rent Expert Advisors and technical indicators right in meta trading 4. It reveals a great selection of free and commercial products, over 1700 trading robots, and more than 2100 technical indicators.

Autotrading – MQL 4 to Create Your Own Trading Robots and Scripts

Algorithm trading is one of the strongest features of MT4, allowing traders to develop, test, and apply Expert Advisors and technical indicators. It eliminates obstacles in analytical and trading activities. 

Mobile Trading and Mobile Versions of MT4

MT4 mobile app is a full-fledged trading platform for mobile devices. The application allows you to choose from hundreds of brokerage companies and thousands of servers. The MT4 mobile version is also a powerful functionality for trading Forex anytime and anywhere in the world. 


MT4 allows all users to ask questions and also see questions asked by others for assistance and comfortability. 

Do I Need to Pay for Downloading and Using MT4?

No, you don’t. It’s completely free to download MT4 from the Exness official website. Moreover, it is free-of-use and provides everything you need to analyze the market and manage your trade.

How Do I Create an Exness MT4 Account?

To create an Exness MT4 Account, you need to register on the brokerage official websites first. Next, you need to log in to your Exness profile and enter your Personal Area. There, you can open an MT4 account, whether real or demo.

Can I Use My MT4 Account to Access MT5 Platform?

An account you created on a particular platform should be used only to that platform and can’t be accessed through another terminal. So, you can’t use your MT4 account to access the MT5 platform.

What Financial Instruments Can I Trade on Exness MT4?

Exness MT4 allows you to trade different financial instruments: cryptocurrencies, Forex, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium), energies (UKOil and USOil), indices, and stocks.

Can I Trade Stock CFDs With my Existing MT4 Trading Account?

Yes, you can. MT4 allows you to trade stock CFDs with both new and existing MT4 trading accounts. 

Can I Run Several Terminals in the Same PC Simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to run several terminals on the same PC at the same time. A multiseat, multi-station, or multiterminal system is a single computer that simultaneously supports independent local users.