Trading bonus 2021 on Exness

Exness brokerage company provides bonuses to its regular clients. Bonuses allow saving money and accumulating additional money for trading operations. Today the loyalty program Exness is limited, but in the future expansion of bonus offers is possible.

Bonus In Exness

Rules for granting bonuses in Exness

Accrual of bonuses at the Exness brokerage company is subject to the rules and general user agreement. 

  1. Only registered users who have Pro and Standard accounts can receive the bonus;
  2. to get the bonus you need to register your account within the period specified in the rules of the promotion. If an account is created earlier or later than the stipulated period, it cannot participate in the promotion;
  3. be sure to verify the account and provide passport photos and confirm registration at your place of residence;
  4. bonus funds are not available for direct withdrawal from the account. Received money must be used in trading operations with the specified ratio;
  5. if a client already has bonuses on his account but changes the account type, the bonuses will be saved.

The user can track the bonuses in his personal profile on the official website Exness. 

Existing Exness 2021 bonuses

The broker offers several bonus products that allow the client to feel confident in trading.

  1. All traders who have at least 500 USD (or the equivalent in the account currency) on their account can send a request for free VPS hosting to our support team. Virtual Private Server provides an uninterrupted connection to the trading server due to its stability, high speed and mobility. While the VPS connection request is being processed, the account must be at least 100 USD. If the account has not been used for a long time, the VPS-hosting will be suspended. The promotion is valid until 31.12.2021;
  2. Exness clients withdraw money and fund their account without any broker’s commission if the deposit rules are met;
  3. Standard account users can receive a trading bonus. Each lot of completed transactions brings a trader up to 16 USD, depending on the currency pair selected for trading. The promotion is valid till 21.04.2022.  Received funds are not available for withdrawal and should be used in future transactions;
  4. for traders with Pro account, the offer of +10% for each deposit is valid. The transfer amount to the registered Pro account will increase by 10%. Offer is available for accounts registered before 2016. Received money cannot be withdrawn directly. The bonus must be used in transactions with a certain ratio.

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Types Of Bonus

Types Of Bonuses On Exness

Exness deposit bonus or percentage of the account balance

In the rules of Exness broker, there is a concept of Net Deposit. It is the amount remaining on balance after making a deposit and withdrawing funds from the account. All subsequent bonuses are calculated based on the deposit remaining on the broker account. The administration decision determines simple interest on the balance. 

There is also a reward in the form of grams of gold. This bonus is similar to the first one; only the prize is given in grams of gold.

Trade volume award

The more bidding on Exness, the better. The amount of reward is calculated as the product of lots per unit of bonus for any instrument. For example, there are two bonus dollars for EURUSD instrument. If a trader closes three lots with this pair, he gets 2×3=6 dollars. This type of bonuses is recalculated every 4 hours, according to the trader’s actions in his account.

Cash and Promo Bonuses

Cash bonuses or promotional gifts Exness – the usual accrual of fixed amounts or interest from the deposit on the trading account. The client should read the terms and conditions of the reward carefully to get the full value of the gift. For example, if the trader does not use the bonus within the agreed time, it will be cancelled.


Bonuses Exness can be called modest, but regular customers of a brokerage company can take advantage of free VPS-hosting, no commissions and limited bonuses for trading currency pairs.
To get the bonus you need to be registered on the Exness website, be verified and follow the rules of a particular promotion.
The bonuses are not intended for direct withdrawal to an external account and are intended for further use in trading.
On some territories, for example for Exness Singapore, the bonuses may be limited.